ARGO Vision is an innovative startup, born in 2016, that excels in visual recognition.

We design innovative AI based solutions, empowering companies' business worldwide. ARGO Vision is focused on the development of solutions for low-power consumption and ultra low-cost architectures. The ARGO Vision AI engine serves a dozen companies worldwide in marketplaces such as Augmented / Virtual Reality, Smart Manufacturing, Video-Analysis, Bio-metrics, Big Data and much more.

Our artificial intelligence engine empowers "CyclopEye", the most advanced neural sensor for smart parking guidance system. Our skills, among other stuff, include:

  • Real-time object detection: frontal faces, profile faces, facial features (mouth, eyes, nose, eyebrows), hands, pedestrians, upper body, frontal cars, rear cars, lateral cars, bikes, road signson-the-shelf products, generic forgotten objects, etc.
  • Real-time classification: face recognition / identification, 2D-3D classification / recognition / matching, logo identification, in-the-wild image segmentation, neural networks, deep learning classification, multi-class classification, big data, etc.
  • Text OCR: digital and printed text extraction, text analysis, semantic analysis, white/black list word-spotting, plates detection / recognition, fuzzy matching, etc.
  • Augmented - Virtual Reality: augmented/virtual apps with real time classification for retail, interactive walls, in-the-wild object tracking, in-store experience, virtual make-up, etc.
  • Manufacturing - Industry: real-time quality control, defects classification, metrical measurements, color analysis, smart parking sensors, smart lighting system, smart safety, etc.

Contact us: ARGO Vision 

Our background includes a wide range of technological elements, such as: Matlab | Deep Learning | TensorFlow | C++11 | C++14 | C++17 | C# | Python | WPF | WCF | Java servlet-JSP/EJB/WS | Spring | Mongo | NodeJS | noSQL | HTML5+CSS | JavaScript & frameworks (angular/jquery/...), etc. Our libraries are OS (Linux / Android / Windows / macOS / no OS) and architectures independents (ARM, x86/x64, etc.).