JupitAR is ARGO Vision’s augmented and virtual reality application for mobile devices (tables, smartphones, laptops, smartglasses, etc.). Deploying a proprietary object recognition and tracking algorithm, JupitAR can recognize and categorize an item in a pool of selected objects without the need of any marker or modification of any kind to the item itself (no QR-code or similar).

Once an item has been discovered the application can guide the user into an experience in both augmented and virtual reality, with dynamic custom contents popping out and tracking item’s movement by moving along with it, displayed either on the real thing as if the user is looking into a mirror (AR) or on customer personalized virtual contents (VR).

JupitAR fits perfectly in retail environment, allowing merchants to have a better insight of customers behavior in a store – e.g. identify which products and to which extent they raised customers interest but in the end were not purchased.