CyclopEye is a highly customizable, low-cost, embedded solution for smart parking based on computer vision.
It helps drivers looking for parking by guiding them to the closest available parking lot and allows parking managers to monitor the state of a parking, build reports and much more.

Build from hardware to software by ARGO Vision taking into account low power consumption and a small price footprint for a single device, offering high system reliability and customization possibilities.
Each “Cyclope” can either operate in stand-alone mode, or communicate with a server hence allowing, for instance, real-time data visualization, data aggregation and remote configuration or upgrade. Most of the latest state-of-the-art object recognition techniques are deployed in CyclopEye. This allows each installation to be different from one another implementing custom business logics according to customer’s desires.

Thanks to ARGO Vision’s solid knowledge in computer vision the services CyclopEye can provide are countless: entrance monitoring, vehicles category and model classification, parking violations, find-your-car *…
Your imagination is the limit!

* know the exact spot where you parked your car.