ARGO Vision is involved on a daily basis in R&D activity. Our philosophy is leading projects with a relevant percentage of innovation facing the more challenging tasks other companies are not able to accomplish. We are able to anticipate the most interesting trends in computer vision and machine learning thanks to a solid scientific background, a widespread academic network and a daily research activity. ARGO Vision uses only proprietary techniques to move beyond the state of the art, no third party libraries are involved.

The ARGO Vision talented Team:

  • 10+ years in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
  • Consultancy for dozens of firms worldwide.
  • 30+ papers and publications.
  • 30k+ sources, 100k+ prototyping

ARGO Vision's know-how and solutions:

  • Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.
  • Video Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • Real-Time Quality Control for Manufacturing.
  • Smart Building, Smart Parking and Smart City.
  • Automation, Embedded Systems, IOT and Robotics.